Thursday, March 9, 2017


      It has been a busy, but good week!  We went to the More Love; More Power Conference at the Vineyard Church in Champaign (Thurs - Sat.) which was excellent!  We then drove from Champaign to Rochester, MN on Sunday for my checkup on Monday which also was excellent!  Then drove home the same day getting here around 10:30.
     Our healing group met on Tues. night, but instead of watching another in the Intermediate Healing Series by Ken Fish we watched Danielle Strickland in the Thursday morning session of the conference because my subscription to the Livestream of the conference is good till March 14.    
      Even though there were many great speakers at the conference, Danielle's talk on "What do you have in your hand?" and the analogy of surfing to the spiritual life and the fact that you don't catch any waves if you never get in the water was one of the best I've ever heard!  She is an amazing speaker!  If you are interested in hearing one of her talks she has several on YouTube.  I haven't watched any posted there yet, but plan to do so as soon as I can find time.
       Yesterday I worked at raking leaves and debris out of one of my gardens and sprayed "deer off" because those pesky deer have already eaten the tops of all the daylilies that are peeking up!  And today our daughter and grandsons are coming for a few days to visit.  All good and all fun!!
       This time of year is always so busy anyway so I don't expect things to slow down.  With so much outside work to do at our house and at the Linn Park and working on plans for Heritage Days I expect to have more than enough to keep me occupied.  It's a wonderful life!

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