Thursday, March 23, 2017

Re-reading Johnny Enlow's Prophetic Word for Rosh Hashanah 2012

    This morning I was re-reading a prophetic word by Johnny Enlow which I posted several years ago.  I was encouraged once again as I read it.  Johnny spoke of things the Lord had showed him that will be happening in the next 100 years.
     I love his declaration that the Kingdom will be ever increasing, and his mention of 100 years, because there are so many doom and gloom declarations about how we are living in the (very) last days and therefore Jesus will be returning momentarily.  I do not believe that can be possible.  And I think it is very detrimental to the advancement of the Kingdom since the result of such thinking is a "what's the use" mentality--no need investing in the future since there isn't going to be one.  Jesus said He would be returning for a radiant bride.  That certainly is not the way I see the church today, do you?  I, therefore, believe there is much that must happen before He can return.  The Bride needs to be learning how to bring the Kingdom to earth, not waiting to be taken out of this world.
    Here is the link if you, also, would like to read it again but would rather not go to the trouble of looking it up.  It is always good to be encouraged with hope for the future.

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