Thursday, June 16, 2011

The DR Brush Trimmer

  Have you ever seen, or used a DR Brush trimmer?  I have the electric start model.  Here's a picture:
     I love this little machine!  I could not keep up around our country place without it!  We have so much mowing and trimming to do!  It seems to exhaust me to carry a weed eater, but this mower is actually fun, I think.  Of course it is very tiring, too, when I need to trim inclines and uneven ground, but if I'm just trimming around the yard or on a flat surface, it is so easy and the results are beautiful.  I have practically worn one of them out, so I got a new one for Christmas.  Such a romantic gift, huh!   
     Country Guy replaced several parts on the old one so I would have a spare, because I am pretty hard on them as I mow the tall grass and brush along the lane and the pond and through the woods and wherever I decide to trim or mow a path.  And I usually push them to their limit right before we are having company because I want everything trimmed up and looking great.  Of course, that's when one breaks.  That's what happened a few minutes ago, but the problem is, both of them are now in need of repair.   Last week Country Guy took the old one in to the elevator to let them try it out.  Something broke and I have ordered a new part for it so it isn't working right now.  I was trimming this morning in the horse pasture in tall grass and either broke the belt on the new one, or it came off.  I don't repair them--only break them, so now I have to wait to finish.  
     I was accomplishing much today, but I guess I will have to find some other job to do the rest of the day--like pulling weeds.  It won't be a problem to find something to do because work is never-ending in the country.   It is a good thing I enjoy it.  Country Guy was telling me last night that I am not a very good delegator--that I try to do everything myself.  I pointed out to him that he is only person in my sphere of influence to whom I can delegate and he didn't seem to be volunteering.  I don't know how long I can keep up this pace, so if you know anyone looking for a part-time job, let me know.  I'll even let them use my DR.

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cindy said...

I am tempted! Maybe we can work something out.