Thursday, June 9, 2011


     I don't know if any of you have noticed the inconsistencies in spacing and type size--especially in the "Pages" sections--of this blog, but it sometimes drives me crazy!  I know I am possibly a little too perfectionistic, but that is just who I am.  As I often say, it is a strength and a weakness, depending on when it happens and who is looking at it.  :o)
     Just today I was searching for a recipe on the "Recipes" page and as I scrolled down through the Entres I noticed huge spaces between the lines of instruction on three of the recipes.  Of course, as seems to always be the case, everything looks fine in the composition page when I'm writing the post, but then once it is posted there are huge discrepancies which I often can't correct and have no idea why they are there!
     I once asked a question on the Blogger Help Forum on how to delete unwanted spaces.  The answer was to go into the HTML code and change it.  Of course, I know nothing about HTML codes, but I tried deleting a couple of things which seemed to be duplicate lines.  (One of the tips was to only delete things between "<" and ">",  in case for some reason you decide to try this.)  Sometimes it works--sometimes it makes it worse!
       I finally decided to cut the affected recipes and re-paste them from the Word document where I store them.  When I did that, the three recipes, including the text before them, were all underlined!  Nothing I did removed the underlining.  I couldn't see anything in the HTML that looked like an instruction to underline, so I did what I have done many times since beginning this blog, I deleted the whole Recipe page, copied the Word document, re-pasted the entire document on the Recipes page, and then re-posted it.  (Do you see how time consuming this can be?)
     Surely, I thought, that will fix it.  It did solve the problem of too many spaces between some of the recipes, but now there is a large space at the top between the page title and the beginning explanation, and all the recipes are in Italics except the first one!  How does that happen??   Adding posts to this blog can be SO frustrating!!

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