Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A funny picture to illustrate a helpful tip

      Country Guy couldn't resist taking this picture this weekend when I ran into the kitchen to get a drink after working outside.  He thinks it's funny and jokingly said I should add it to my blog.  After thinking about it a little bit, I decided he was right.  
      These plastic bags are a great tip I read about a few years ago.  I keep several in the garage near the backdoor so that when I need to run into the house for something but don't want to waste time taking off my shoes, I can slip them over my muddy shoes, tie the handles together and "voila," clean shoes for walking in the house.  Even if it does look funny it certainly has saved me a lot of time, so I'm passing on the tip in case you haven't tried it.


Anonymous said...

Great tip! So often I quit a project I'm working on because I had to take my shoes off to run inside for something little, and then oftentimes don't return to finish the project! This will be helpful to do.

cindy said...

I wonder if I could MY "country guy" to wear the bags?!!! Great tip.