Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Coffee the way Dad always made it

       Over the weekend I made coffee for our guests.  They were very complimentary of how good it tasted and even asked what kind of coffee I use and how I make it.  We all had a good laugh considering I was explaining to a family from Columbia how to make coffee!  What is really funny is that I don't drink coffee so I have never tasted the coffee I make.  My dad, who was a big coffee drinker taught me how to make it for him when he came to visit us in Omaha many years ago.  It seemed good to post his recipe here as a tribute to him for the great coffee the "recipe" makes--and for the compliments I receive from making it.  I will also post it under "Miscellaneous" on the "Recipes" page so that it won't be lost.

      Dad always asked me to use Maxwell House Original Blend Coffee and to add 3 heaping soup spoons of ground coffee for every 7 cups of water.  Since I usually make coffee in a 12 cup coffee pot, I use 5 heaping soup spoons plus about 1/2 a heaping soup spoon of coffee and 12 cups of water to make a full pot.

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Lincy said...

Loved it. Daddy taught you well!