Monday, July 25, 2011

"Temple Grandin" and "The Social Network"

    We watched "The Social Network" last night, which for anyone who doesn't know, is about the founders of Facebook.  I had read rave reviews of the movie, but I actually didn't enjoy it, and if I were a member of Facebook, I would probably remove my account after seeing the drugs, sex, greed, and selfishness of those who are profiting from it.  This movie stirred up in me disgust and dismay at the sin that is so readily accepted and committed in the world.  Obviously, the movie was well-made to stir up those reactions in me.  I wouldn't have known about all that was connected with the founding of Facebook if not for this movie, so if you are curious about those things, you may want to see the movie.  Personally, I don't want to know some of that stuff!  I would much rather be filling my mind with inspiring thoughts.  My reaction was probably even more intense because I had watched "Temple Grandin" again right before watching "The Social Network."
     As I mentioned in the Comment section on Saturday, Temple Grandin was amazing!  Watching the movie based on her life was inspiring and thought-provoking.  It was convicting of my attitude toward those who are different, and it gave me new understanding of the mountains of challenges those with handicaps have to overcome just to be productive.  I watched it again yesterday with friends and was touched and inspired all over again.  It is one of those movies I will probably buy for our collection so that we can watch it again with guests who stay with us.
     I was thinking after watching it that Temple Grandin did for autistic people what Jesus did for God.  Just as she helped others understand how autistic people see the world, so Jesus came to reveal to us who God is and how He sees the world.  We were discussing after the movie that we want to see people as she saw cattle--what frightens them, what causes them to act and re-act as they do, why they turn away from some things, what makes them feel safe, etc.
     I love thought-provoking, inspirational movies!
     I really want to encourage you to continue to post the titles of movies you have seen recently, or that have been favorites over the years, in the "Comments" section of this post or the post below.  Whether you enjoyed them or not, let us know what you think so we won't be wasting our money to support a movie that is not worth watching, and can instead support good movies.  I, for one, want to encourage producers to make more of the good ones, don' you?   Thank you in advance for your comments.  They make it even more fun and interesting to write this blog.

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