Wednesday, July 27, 2011

God's Promises

    How important it is to read and to know God’s word! As we read it He can then highlight promises He wants us to see and to fulfill in our lives.  As this happens we can begin to pray with faith that the answer will come.
     Many years ago while we still lived in Omaha, I was reading Jeremiah 30.  The last part of verse 3 seemed to stand out to me and have significance.  It says, “And I will cause them to return to the land that I gave to their fathers, and they shall possess it.” 
     For many years Country Guy had desired to return to live in Illinois, but we didn’t see how that could be possible.  Jeremiah 30:3 seemed to be a promise to us, so we began to pray for God to make a way.
     A few years later a lot of things came together at the same time, which is a long story, but the result was that Country Guy resigned from the law firm in Nebraska and we moved to Illinois.  We built a house on property which was originally owned by Country Guy’s great grandfather.  And thus the promise of Jeremiah 30:3 was fulfilled in our lives.
     I like the way Armin Gesswein says it.  He wrote, "Promises predict the answers to prayer. They are the molds into which we pour our prayers. They foretell what to expect... This makes Christian praying different! How? In a very real sense we pray from the answer... This is the way of the Lord, the way of faith. He promises – we believe."
     How exciting it is to discover promises in the Word and then see God fulfill them as we pray!  As I’ve said before, the Christian life is a wonderfully exciting adventure!

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