Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dale Gentry

    Dale Gentry, who has a remarkable prophetic gifting, was the guest speaker at Elevate 2011, and also ministered in the Prayer Tent at the event.  I have been wanting to write about our weekend with him, but just haven't had time to sit down, think it all through--because so many things happened, and then write it down.   It seems it is time to do that before I forget.
     Country Guy and I first heard Dale at the church we were attending in Nebraska in 1986.  At the Sunday evening service he asked everyone to line up.  It was a large church and probably 500 of the members had returned for the evening service.  He then went down the line speaking a prophetic word over each of us.  It seemed the words were mainly calling out our gifts and revealing to us how God saw us.  All were extremely encouraging, and as we received our word and heard the words given to the people we knew, it was amazing how accurate they seemed.  I still carry the word he gave me in one of my Bibles because it truly spoke to my heart.
      I was so eager for others to experience this wonderful ministry of encouragement at Elevate that I began searching for those who would come for prayer.  I had provided paper and pens so they could write down the things revealed as soon as Dale was through praying and I encouraged people to do that.  When I saw they weren't, I volunteered to go with any of those who wanted me to so that I could write down what was said as they received their word because I know from experience it is very difficult to remember all of it.  Something usually strikes me so much that I continue to think about that and miss some of the other things said.  If someone hadn't done this for me in 1986, I wouldn't have the word to carry in my Bible.
      Since I was doing this, I heard many of the words he gave, and as was the case 27 years ago, I was amazed at the accuracy!  So were the people who went for prayer!  The first person I brought was given a word that so characterized who she is.  I was excited!  And then as Dale finished and we were walking out of the tent, she said,  "I know you already told him much about me."  I laughed and assured her that I had not told him one thing about anyone, because I wanted to see what the Lord would reveal to him.  She said she believed me because she knew I wouldn't lie to her but it sure seemed like I had told him.
      One person remarked afterwards, "How can he do that?  He used the very words I had been saying that morning!"
      A little boy of 11, a friend of our grandchildren, went for prayer.  I was intrigued by his word.  He was told that he would be speaking to large crowds.  I think Dale even said,  "in stadiums" and that Dale saw him interviewing people on TV.  Afterward the boy said to me, "He is so accurate!  This year I and some other kids spoke to our entire school!"  Out of the mouth of babes!  This young man had never had this experience before, but he recognized accuracy (the Lord) when he saw it.
     I said to him, "Isn't it wonderful that God loves you so much that he sent a man from Dallas, Texas, to let you know that he sees you and has great plans for you?"
      What a wonderful time it was!  I loved every minute of it!
      Since this is getting rather long I will continue tomorrow with some of the words and the results that have already happened because of them.

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