Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dale Gentry, #2

       The major theme of Dale Gentry's ministry is prayer, but one of the statements he makes often is, "Just one word from the Lord can change your life forever."  The Lord has truly gifted him in delivering words from the Lord to willing hearers.  Dale usually explains that the words he gives can be a "now" word, a "future" word, a "confirming" word, or an "encouraging" word.  
      I recently related one example of one word from the Lord changing a life forever with the story of "Dr. Tanya."  See blog post on June 30, 2011.
      Since his visit here less than a month ago I have already heard of changes begun in lives from the words he spoke at Elevate, and at our church.  One of the young women who received a word has started a blog because of it.  Here is a link to her blog and her experience of hearing from God, if you would like to read it.  
     Another friend of ours had recently been thinking she would be interested in counseling unwed mothers and abused women.  When Dale prayed for her he said, "I see you ministering to unwed mothers and abusive women," so the very next day she enrolled in a training class to learn how to minister to these women.  She will be finished with the class within the next couple of weeks.
     Don't you think God is pleased with these reports?  He loves it when we act on his word! 
     This is the word I received, transcribed from the recording of it at our church:  "I declare by the Spirit of God that God is going to awaken you in the night seasons and you are going to begin to write the vision of what you see God doing in this entire region, of what God is doing by the hand of the Lord.  And you are going to begin to keep an account of what God is doing and you are going to begin to broadcast it abroad what God is doing in this entire region and how the hand of the lord is working.  And you’re going to begin to write and you’re going to begin to keep a journal and you’re going to begin to share the journal with other people in other cities and in other nations of what God is doing and eventually you’ll even write a book.  You’ve read many other books--other people’s writings, but one day they will read your writings of what God did in the cornfields, of what God did in the cornfields."
      Dale didn't know that I have kept a journal for years--or that because of urging from a couple of guest speakers staying at our house on two different occasions and from friends later, that I had started a blog.  So far, besides friends and family from the U.S., there have been "visits" from more than 20 countries to my blog, so I am already "broadcasting it abroad."  When I was discussing it with him later, I told him the word I received seemed to be a "future" word, an "encouraging" word to continue, a "now" word, and a "confirming" word.  He agreed that it does seem that way.    
      What a wonderful ministry he has!  I, too, believe that "just one word from the Lord can change your life forever," because it has happened to me, and I am watching it happen to many who came for ministry from Dale on that wonderful weekend in June.
      It is amazing!   As Country Guy and our friend, Mike, drove Dale back to the airport, he said he believed "God was about to do something big in Martinsville."  The word he gave me at church on Sunday seems to be a confirmation of that.  Some great things are about to happen and I'm grateful to God, and to Dale for letting God use him to bring hope and encouragement and expectancy to us here in the cornfields.
      Stay tuned.  I intend to broadcast the news of what is happening as I hear it.
      If you are ready for your life to change, don't miss receiving a word from God through Dale Gentry, or any of His other servants.  We are praying Dale will be back in our area in the near future.  What a blessing he is!

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