Sunday, March 10, 2013

A fun visit!

       Our daughter and her two sons have been visiting us from Nebraska since Thursday.  They were planning to return home today but after looking at the forecast of snow and wind for Nebraska they decided to stay another day.  We are so glad they did!  Not only did we not have to worry about them being on the road in bad weather, but we had another day to visit with them.
     Granddad and the boys started a fire in a tree stump in our front yard that had been difficult to cut with the chain saw, and then we decided to have a wiener roast in the stump.  The temp here was in the lower 60's.  Our two sons and their families came, too, so it was a really nice day.
     This morning the little boys went with me to dig more daffodils to transplant from the patch in the woods.  I was very impressed by their helpfulness!  They are 7 & 5 and ended up digging several bunches of flowers.  They're planning to take some home tomorrow so they can have their very own patch.
    We are praying the roads will be clear so they will have a fun safe trip back to NE.

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