Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What a cold day for the fish delivery!

      The fish for the new pond arrived on schedule yesterday even if the roads were slippery and the weather cold.  I told Country Guy I wanted to see them before he released them, so he put the bags in the pond to acclimate the fish slowly to the pond water temperature, and picked me up at the house.  Of course, I brought my camera.
      I took the first picture so you could see how full the new pond is. For reference click here and here  (Sometime I will add better photos on a warm day from a different perspective.)
      The second picture is of the bags of fish acclimating to the water temperature.  It wasn't easy getting pictures that actually captured the size of the fish.  As soon as they hit the water their activity stirred up the mud and made the water cloudy, but at least they're clear enough to remember how small they began when we start catching them in a couple of years.

Minows for food for the others.

These were the largest.

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