Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Beauty and An Old Wooden Church In Poland

      We saw many beautiful 'neighborhood' churches like this in Italy.  I was constantly amazed at the time, expense, and workmanship given to "God's house."  How times have changed!  Almost every new church I've visited in this country has a 'warehouse' feel to it and has been built as economically as possible.  Could it be that we've lost our reverence for Him?
       Of course there are arguments that now that the Holy Spirit has come to live in us, we are God's house, but even that argument doesn't stand well when we consider how little thought we give to our appearance these days.
      I believe it would be wonderful if beauty would again be the standard for how we build churches and how we present ourselves to the world.  Of course I'm not just talking about superficial beauty in our appearance.  I'm talking about being the best we can be and looking our best when we are God's (who is altogether lovely) representatives here on earth.
     It seems that in prior centuries God's people expressed their reverence for Him by sparing no expense in creating 'dwelling places' for Him.  What will be our explanation when He calls us home?

An Old Wooden Church In Poland

After looking "around" 360 degrees, +/- zoom in/out, be sure to click the UP arrow and look at the walls and ceiling.

An Old Wooden Church In Poland ......really something to see.
This church is so beautiful, one has to wonder how you could possibly concentrate on the service?
This church had been built by Germans since this part of Poland had been German until WW II, when the Oder/Neisse line had been drawn.
Details in this church are absolutely amazing. Take a good look.
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