Friday, March 22, 2013

Another Snowstorm Predicted

      The Festivals & Events Committee has planned a wonderful Soup, Salad, & Dessert Luncheon Fundraiser to be held Sunday (Mar. 24) from 11:30 to 1:30 at the Community Center in Martinsville.  The proceeds will be used to promote Heritage Days on the Old National Road on June 15-16.
     We have been excited about the fundraiser--not only because of the good food planned, but because it is an opportunity to see friends and family while helping a worthy cause.  But this morning one of the committee members sent me an email with the weather forecast for Saturday night and Sunday. Up to 6 inches of snow is being predicted to begin Saturday night and continue till noon on Sunday.  So much for great planning!  We thought the date would ensure warmer weather and had actually worried that it might interfere with farming.  The weather these past couple of years has certainly been unpredictable, hasn't it?
       Since we had formulated no plan in case of inclement weather, I guess we will have the luncheon unless it is entirely prohibited by the snow.  Hopefully, some will be able to come help us enjoy the great food!
     Later,  when I mentioned this to another committee member she said all that snow will make people think SOUP!  Maybe the Lord is helping us promote our event!

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