Monday, September 30, 2013

Amphitheater Plans

      I'm excited to have finally received the completed architectural plans for our new amphitheater!  I'm not sure what took so long--it's been several months--but at least we have them now.  There are a couple more steps we must take, including a survey of the property to get elevations for the seating area, and then we're ready to begin.  The engineer thought he could complete that by next week so we're getting close.   I spoke with the builder last week to tell him I thought it was time to get on the excavation/concrete work schedule.  Hopefully Eskers, who will be doing the concrete work, can work us in and we can start construction before November!
     Everyone is getting anxious to begin--especially with winter just around the corner.  It will be so exciting to watch it take shape and then to have our first concert.  I can hardly wait!

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