Thursday, September 12, 2013

Wag the Dog: A Movie That Shows Us That Things Are Not As They Appear

     Have you seen "Wag The Dog" with Dustin Hoffman, Ann Heche & Robert DeNiro?  Country Guy and I taped it earlier this month and watched it last night.  I could not believe how similar it was to what is happening today, even though the movie was made in 1999.  In the movie the President was involved in a scandal, so his handlers hired a Hollywood producer to manufacture a war to divert attention away from his conduct.  With the help of the movie studio it was amazing how easy it was for them to spin things into being believable, and therefore to sway the voters.
     If you want an education on how things can be manipulated to make the President look Presidential, I would recommend this movie.

*Caution:  There is much use of the "f" word which would have kept me from watching it except I was fascinated with how much the movie was paralleling life today.

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