Monday, September 9, 2013

Another Smith Wigglesworth Story

 Heart Patient Tells of Healing      
    Another testimony of healing from Mrs. M. Legate Pople, Orange N.S.W. "Genesis 24:27 'I being in the way, the Lord led me' seems to be the best explanation of God's wondrous blessings to me five weeks ago. How I did want to go home! My poor heart was in such a state, past all human aid; even the casing was ruptured so that the least move would cause a lump to protrude like an egg. For sixteen weeks I just lay prostrate, and how lovely it was to feel so near home, so often almost through the pearly gates; how real the dawning of that eternal day was to me, and how I just longed to enter right in. I was so bent on going 'home to glory' that when asked if I would like to have Evangelist Wigglesworth pray for me if I should be here when he came, I said an emphatic 'No,' and I certainly meant it. Such a band of dear friends were praying for me everywhere that I just felt I wanted no more; my mind and my hopes were all centered on things above and not on things here below. How little did I know what wondrous blessings there were here below that I had not even tasted of, that my dear loving Savior wanted me to experience before I should pass through the pearly gates, and how graciously did He work to bring it to pass.
       "Brother Wigglesworth was not expected here for nearly two months, when suddenly dates were altered and he arrived almost without warning. Of course, this did not concern me, for my fellow invalid, Sister Todd (whose testimony is also given in this chapter) and I had made up our minds that we weren't going to have anything to do with the mission of the evangelist. How true are the Lord's words, 'My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, saith the Lord Isa. 55:8-11. As the mission went on, my friend, who was adverse to the teaching of Divine Healing, began to search the Scriptures afresh to see if these things that were being taught, and which were confidently affirmed by numbers around who believed, were so. She became so convinced of the truth of God., who said, 'I am the Lord; I change not,' that she came into my room saying she intended going to the mission for the laying on of hands and prayer.
        "That night I saw her making her way out on her crutches to the car in great agony, and somehow I felt in myself that she would be healed. After her return she came skipping down the steps to my room, like the man of old leaping and praising God, and saying, 'Sister, I'm healed, I'm healed,' and so she was, perfectly and completely. Hallelujah! It was wonderful.
"All that night I prayed and sought the Lord, and then came the thought how could I face my dear Lord whom I loved with all my heart if I just slipped home, having refused to prove whether He wanted me to do any more 'little corner filling' for Him, when before my eyes He had wrought such a miracle.
        "In the morning, the closing day of the mission, I was waiting for someone to come down to my room, to ask them if they would take a message to Brother Wigglesworth and see if he would come and pray for me after the morning service. After breakfast I could hear the dear ones of the house holding a prayer meeting, but as they had closed the door I could not hear what was taking place. How I was longing for someone to come in to take my message, but no, time was getting away, and how I pleaded with the Lord. Could it be that they were all too much occupied with their own blessings and were unmindful of me? I questioned. Ah no, but because I had said 'No' so decisively they would not ask me again, and they were all asking the Lord to constrain me to ask for prayer.
        "Presently different ones came into my room but did not look at me or give me the usual smile and kind word. I asked each if they would take my message, and not until I had made the request five times did I get a promise that they would. I had said 'No' once but had to say 'Yes' five times. How long it seemed before that morning service was over; but at last, in came the matron, face beaming, and said, 'He's come.' I vaguely remember seeing a man step into the room, and after that saw no man but Jesus only. How sweetly does the dear Lord manifest Himself. The evangelist told his daughter (Mrs. Salter) to put her hands on my knees, and he put his on my head and prayed a wonderful prayer (wonderful to me because I was right in glory). Then he laid his hands on my heart and prayed for my healing, at the same time rebuking death and commanding it to be dashed away in Jesus' name.
       "When he first came in he said, 'Are you ready to get up?' I said, 'Yes, I am,' and now he said, 'Get up,' and up I got. My inability to even move just a few minutes before was entirely forgotten. One thought only seemed to possess me, and that was to get dressed as quickly as possible. I rushed across the floor and lifted down two heavy suitcases filled with books in order to get to where I could find some clothing. I was in such a hurry, I wanted to be dressed ready to greet 'my girls' of my Bible class who used to flock in after church just to have a peep at me. In the afternoon before I had lain semi-conscious for hours, and those who saw me then thought perhaps it was the last look; and here I was trying to find clothes to let them see me every bit whole! I was just ready when the door opened and a number of them were admitted, and what a shock they got. Some wept; some laughed, then wept, they hugged me, then would think of my heart and let go; but it was all right. I was healed perfectly and completely, and felt no weakness after my sixteen weeks in bed, when I had eaten scarcely anything. All the while I had lain there I was neither hungry nor thirsty, and would take little sips just to oblige those who brought it to me. Now I wanted my dinner, and a good dinner I had. I was changed, a new creation, just filled with God, divinely healed, raised up in a moment, from the shadow of death to abounding life--saved to serve.

         "The day following my healing I was gloriously baptized in the Holy Spirit according to Acts 2:4, and daily and hourly He fills me with joy unspeakable and full of glory."

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