Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I have discovered another job I will not be applying for!

   Yesterday and the day before Jones Tree Service was at our house removing dead trees from the yard.  Since we live in the woods there are always trees dying, it seems.  We have been waiting for them to come for almost a year because of unforeseen circumstances, so in the meantime a couple more trees died.  Therefore, they had 8 to remove.  All but 2 were in our front yard so they could use their truck to hoist the tree cutter up to the branches to remove those first, but there was no way to get that big truck into the back yard.
      They were able to fell one of the backyard trees without removing branches because there was nothing in the way but brush to be damaged in the fall.  The other one was very near the house, so Tim Jones climbed the tree and removed the 3 large branches one at a time.  I was so impressed at how he directed each to fall clear of anything that could have been damaged--like the deck, the house, the flower gardens, the bird feeders!
      In case you've not had the opportunity to watch an expert at work, I am posting some pictures.
Beginning the climb

Can you see the notch he is making in the first branch

First branch beginning to fall

Right where he wanted it

Two down-one to go

He climbed higher to attach a rope to help direct the last branch which was also the largest.

It, too, fell right where he wanted it.

Then he began cutting 3 to 4 foot sections of the trunk as he lowered himself down.

As he cut the sections they stayed exactly where he cut them until he pushed them off.

So much sawdust! 
Can you imagine how tired he must be by now, holding the saw and balancing himself away from the tree?

One last section
And now the trunk is small enough to fell without doing any damage
The tree was successfully removed and I very much enjoyed watching it happen.

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