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An All-Saints Move of God by Denny Cline

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                                                   Denny Cline:
Denny Cline       You don't have to be especially prophetic to know the earth is groaning, even travailing, to see God's sons and daughters manifest the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.  We have been in reformation for some time now.     Reformations happen over years, not months, weeks, or days. It was a struggle in Martin Luther's time for over 100 years to bring change to Christianity. It has also taken nearly 100 years to see the Pentecostal movement have the impact on the world it now has. In either case, the desired effect did not occur until it became an everyday saint move of God, owned by the saints at large, and not just the leaders.
       Since the early 1900s, there have been many outpourings of the Holy Spirit. Some were called evivals, and others visitations or renewals. Some carried miracles, healings, and salvations. Thank God that He shows up for the Church in an extraordinary way to pour out His Spirit! I have pondered for some time what the Church might look like in a decade or more.
      In 2006 I heard an audible voice on the way to minister in a poor Catholic church outside of Sao Paulo, Brazil. The compassion of Jesus came upon me as I looked at a poor village and heard these words, not from the inside but like someone talking to me,"Denny, the key to revival is the restoration of family." It shook me. And it shook the meeting we were about to experience. This word has continued to grow in my spirit on many levels. Now, it is finding root in my thinking about the Church, the Body of Christ. And I believe it is this: It's time for an all-saints move of God.
It's Time To Stir Up the Gifts By the Laying On of Hands
       That said, it's time to stir up the gifts by the laying on of hands. At this point, I could go into a long theological discourse on the doctrine of the laying on of hands, which is listed as essential in Hebrews 6. For the sake of time and room, let me just boil it down to this: It's time to get away from the few and the pew ministry. Paul described the purpose of five-fold ministries as "the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry."Jesus said, "Those who believe...will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover."
Equip and impart, activate, commission and send      We have many great translocal ministries today, and even more access to them via Internet, television, and other media. But we will never see our world impacted from the pew. What I mean is thatit's time for the saints to go from the seats to the streets.   In saying that, I am not meaning just outreaches, or even the great things that are happening by sharing the Gospel and "treasure hunting." I mean in every arena of life. Part of equipping is impartation, activation, commissioning, and sending, not just teaching and modeling. The training model of Jesus was not limited to the disciples merely watching, but also doing and going.
      In order for this to happen, we need a release of creativity plus divine order like never before. We have become too vicarious as a body of Believers, stuck on our favorite personalities and limited in what the Church looks like in action. There are lots of good things happening, but we must go from a conference-only mentality to becoming a supernatural family where every part supplies what not only the body needs, but also what the world needs.

                                  Unity and Activation
      I believe the two most important imperatives for the Church this year and into the next are unity and activation.
     Genuine unity can only come through ongoing relationship with love and honor. It won't happen in "agreeing to disagree" or by just having regional conferences only, as powerful as they can be. I see "nets that work" being thrown out to regions where real friendships and mutual honor develops among congregations and ministries. The cry will be unity that says, "I am not ashamed of the Gospel, and I am not ashamed of the Church," because of sincere love and relationships that work together for the Gospel.
      I also see saints being activated in settings like Acts 13, where five-fold gifts and the saints in unity are praying and even fasting together. The result is commissioning and sending, as well as other kinds of activation of the saints in their gifts and callings.This won't be haphazard but through relationship and love.This kind of action will release a momentum and authority to do what we have been telling people they can and should do – because they have the same Spirit inside as He who raised Christ from the dead.

               Two Operations For the Laying On of Hands
Laying on of hands     There are two operations for laying hands on others:
1. Every born again, Spirit-filled saint can lay hands on others to bless, heal, deliver, and see others receive a touch from God or be filled with the Holy Spirit.
2. Laying hands on the saints for commissioning and sending, like in Acts 6 and 13.
      Both operations deserve more explanation than there is room to give here. I spoke on both at length in August in our local congregation, if you are interested in more detail. But suffice it to say, it's time to stir up the gifts through the laying on of hands in both ways, and for the saints to start a grassroots movement in and out of the church that is about the Body, and especially the Head, Jesus, not just certain other parts. It's past time for another all-saints movement that is founded on love, honor, relationship, and genuine unity.This is none other than a supernatural family invading the world with everything Heaven has to offer from everyday saints. Over the past several years, lots of congregations and ministries have been coming together in different ways to work together. Genuine unity is setting us up for another outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Denny Cline
Senior Leader, Jesus Pursuit Church

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