Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Which conservative news outlet contributes 3 to 1 to Democrats? Mychal Massie points out media bias and hypocrisy

You want to know just how biased and disreputable the media are? Consider this past week.
Approximately 1.2 million, if not more, motorcyclists rode into Washington, D.C., to show respect and remembrance for those who were murdered by Muslim terrorists on Sept. 11, 2001. We’re talking a line of bikers 55 miles long and four bikes across. The deafening silence of the media pursuant to reporting on this epic show of determinism and patriotism is morally opprobrious even by the media’s own low standards.
The over 1 million motorcyclists were, in effect, the antimycin to the fungus of arrogance by Muslims who had planned to hold a march on Washington to protest how unfairly they are being treated in America.  And to do so, they chose the day their own kind had murdered innocent Americans in 2001 and had murdered again in 2012.
Washington and the media did their best to discourage and minimize the stoicism of the bikers.  They were denied permits and police excorts, and the media have refused to acknowledge their magnanimous display of American patriotism.

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