Friday, July 24, 2015

Busy Summer at the Linn Park Amphitheater

     We are getting ready for another concert tomorrow night at the Linn Park Amphitheater.  It has been a busy summer.  Since this is the first year for the Amphitheater we have not known what to expect in attendance.  Some events have surprised us; some good, some bad.  Last week we had the Lemen Brothers Band and Ice Cream Social.  We expected a good crowd since it was all you can eat free ice cream and a free concert.  We only had about 50 people and were disappointed.
    Tomorrow will be a local girl, Marie McGlone who a great fiddler.  She has won many state contests so I expect the concert will be very good.  Hopefully, more people will attend.  These events can be quite expensive for our committee so we like to at least see lots of people enjoying themselves.
     Next week, Mackville will be performing.  They are an excellent band from the Atwood, Illinois  area.  This concert is sponsored by Kitchen Seeds of Arthur.  Phil Kitchen is an alumnus of Martinsville H.S.  We certainly appreciate his support.
     And then on Aug. 8 we will be having a Redneck Pool Party with additional water games.  It should be lots of fun,  followed by our final Movie in the Park at 8:30.
     On Aug. 21 we are having another Teen Dance and on Sept. 27, a talent contest.  It has taken lots of planning but we are excited to have something happening in our small town.  If you live nearby, come on out for a fun time under the stars.

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