Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Mychal Massie's Column Today

    As I was below…Americans are sick of politicians from both parties who are working overtime to insure 'We, the people,' are kept in our place so they can line their pockets with our cash.  I hope & pray every corrupt politician will be recognized for who they are and what they stand for.  It is time for us to throw them all out!

Trump Reminds Rove of Ross Perot

Karl Rove and Reince Priebus, with a complicit Republican Congress are: A) sticking it to voters who actually care; and B) playing payola with blacks.

We’ve heard for the past number of years that Republican hands were tied because the Democrats held the majority in the Senate. And, as the lie went, as soon as they could wrest control in the Senate away from Democrats, they would change things.
Well they did wrest control away from the Democrats in November 2014 and the first thing they did was fully fund obamacare for Obama, approve hardcore leftist judges, and approve an Attorney General, who is Eric Holder’s ideological twin and who mirrors his bigoted racist anti- Americanism. She also came with a track record of demonstrably questionable legal actions that many (myself included) consider outright criminal. Yet after a few weeks of the obligatory pontificating and blustering, Republicans approved her appointment for Obama.
Let me not overlook their helping Obama win amnesty for illegal aliens. And to prove they are consistent, Republicans have virtually rubber-stamped everything Obama wanted including trade bills that even Democrats, unions, and leftwing Marxist groups fought to defeat. (Remember that Obama’s initial trade deal proposals were defeated by Democrat legislators voting against it virtually en masse). But thanks to John Boehner in the House and Mitch McConnell in the Senate, Obama got his wish. In brief, whatever Obama wants he can count on the Republican establishment making sure he gets even when his own party votes against him.
Karl Rove Assistant to President, Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor
Karl Rove Assistant to President, Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor
The aforementioned notwithstanding, Republicans and their hacks are going after Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump like jackals after raw meat – and they are doing it for one reason and one reason alone. It is because Donald Trump is telling the American people exactly what those who actually care about America already know.
Mexico is no more sending America the best they have than Fidel Castro sent the best Cubans to America in the Mariel Boatlift. Supposedly only 23,000 of the 124,000 illegal alien Cubans were criminals, with the storyline being that said number of criminals was misleading because in the United States, the overwhelming majority of those criminals would never have been charged in the United States to start with. Which I argue means that there are a lot of people not in jail who belong in jail here in America. But I digress.
What the Republican establishment fears more than anything else is another Ross Perot. Rove will die and go to hell early before he allows that to happen. This is why Rove and the party establishment have savagely fought to not just marginalize the Tea Party but to destroy it and every candidate it ran and/or was able to get elected.
The mantra being used against Trump is that he is not good for the Party. They are upset because voters are rallying in support of him. Rove, et al did the same thing to Herman Cain and Sarah Palin. Cain and Palin were both candidates who were connecting with all American voters, not just Republicans. Led by Rove, the Republican establishment engaged in a scorched earth campaign against them, just as they did against the Tea Party itself.
Republicans do not give a rat’s tail about the American people. They do not give a rat’s tail pursuant what we want. They thumb their noses at us just as Obama does. The difference is we do not expect anything better from Obama.
Republicans are leading an “around the clock” assault against Trump that is reminiscent of the liberal media’s reporting on the Middle East War when Bush was in office. They are calumniators of the highest order.
Pursuant to the Republican establishment playing payola with blacks, it goes like this. Republicans give a boatload of money to various blacks who claim they will use the money to bring black votes into the Republican Party. The end result is that blacks do not vote Republican and the blacks who received said money pocket it. It is an approved scam that permits the Republican establishment to make a show of reaching out.
If Rove, et al were interested in blacks voting for Republicans they would be truthful. They would stop blathering about what the Republican Party has historically done for blacks and start legislating in way that was sans a color-coded message and inclusive of an American message.
Blacks are not going to vote for Republicans in any meaningful numbers no matter how much history you throw at them. If that were all it took, blacks would have never stopped voting for Republicans.
Donald Trump is being attacked by the Republican hierarchy for telling truths that are important to the American people. Republicans are lying and misleading blacks by animating the same lies blacks have been told by Democrats for the past 50 years, i.e., blacks are victims and if they vote for them they’ll make special dispensations for them.
Blacks do not need special dispensation, they need the truth. Special dispensation is just another way of saying you and I get the shaft.

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