Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Why No National Outrage Over Murdered Marines? by Mychal Massie

Why No National Outrage Over Murdered Marines?

The difference between Dylan Roof who murdered nine members of a church in Charleston, SC and Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez the Muslim who murdered five Marines in Chattanooga, TN is easily explained. Roof was and is certifiably emotionally unstable, i.e., insane; Abdulazeez is certifiably Muslim – doing what Muslims do.
Roof at one point draped himself in a Confederate Flag and made disparaging statements about blacks at some point prior to going on his killing spree. Abdulazeez was raised in a cult religion that has practiced mayhem and murder since Ishmael.
The Confederate Flag did not murder the church members in Charleston, but a Muslim born and raised on a diet of Islamic hatred for all things not Muslim was responsible for murdering five Marines in Chattanooga. Roof was an anomaly whereas Abdulazeez was a continuing reality.
Those facts are undeniable, and yet I do not see anyone from politicos to NASCAR to television networks and state governments demanding Muslim mosques be closed. I do not see the same backlash against Muslims who have a history of ransacking American interests and murdering Americans that one whacked out young man who at some point in his life draped himself in a Confederate Flag caused.Muslims are factually responsible for murdering more Americans in America, than the number of persons who can legitimately claim they had family members murdered based on a dogma to the Confederate Flag.
Am I the only one who has missed the demands that the remains of Muslims be removed from Military Cemeteries? Or is it that there has been no such outcry even though Muslims have murdered Americans on military bases nationwide notwithstanding the murder of five Marines by Abdulazeez.
Despite Obama’s often saying that Muslims are part of American history and that Muslims helped make America the country she is nothing could be further from the truth. If Muslims helped build America it was by default pursuant to their supplying slaves to America.
What universities and colleges have Muslims founded in America? What hospitals, schools, and industries have Muslims founded in America? Terrorism is not an industry, but I digress.
Muslims cannot even boast of building neighborhoods in America, they have simply moved into squalor-ridden depressed neighborhoods and multiplied. They have laid ownership to our laws and courts with an agility typically reserved for the most agile Marxist community groups.
The politically correct wasted no time in successfully demanding the erasing of American history, calling for the elimination of our historical institutions that all Americans (and blacks are Americans) support. Why don’t we start boycotting Muslim restaurants and businesses? What will it take for the same Americans who were/are so offended by the Confederate Flag to be even tangentially offended by Muslims murdering Americans on the streets of America?
Supporters of the Confederate Flag are not calling for the death of all Americans, but not only has ISIS taken credit for the Marine murders in Chattanooga, but they have made it clear there would be more. Isn’t that enough to call for the closing of Muslim mosques?
Dylan Roof’s uncle was upset by his nephew’s actions stating, that he would execute his nephew himself if it were permitted by law. Roof’s family identified him to the police. Roof’s friends lamented that they had not taken his threats to do harm more seriously and that they hadn’t taken steps to have authorities intervene on the suspicion of what he might do. His family made no excuses for him.
The sister of Abdulazeez reportedly told a reporter, “There’s this misconception that Islam is a violent religion. Muslims are actually peaceful.” Should I ask the question on what planet that might be?
As Pamela Geller noted Abdulazeez’s family consisted of polygamy, hatred of Jews, and wife beating. (Chattanooga Jihad Murderer’s Family: Polygamy, Jew-Hatred, and Wife Beating – Wanted To Take Second Wife ‘Because It Was Allowed Under Islamic Law’; 7/18/15)
The Muslim killer’s family expressed disbelief, claiming that he was depressed, as if that were an acceptable reason for murdering five Marines. His friends called him “a quiet kid, well liked” and from an “an average Chattanooga family.” The difference is that average Chattanooga families do not preach hatred, attend mosques that preach hatred, nor do they murder five Marines.
Muslims have been at war with civilization for millenniums. Their attacks are unprovoked and unwarranted. Violent predatory murders are endemic to Islam. The idea of radical Islam is a creation of George Bush and Karl Rove, there is no such thing. There is only Islam.
Cultural Marxists have created a zeitgeist that blames white Americans for the historical ills of America. These same people, however, conveniently dispel the fact that the Americans they blame are the same Americans who had the good sense and decency to correct said ills.
I am convinced that when our Founding Fathers determined “E Pluribus Unum” they did not have in mind a political correctness that implanted the idea of it being un-American to call those who have sworn to kill our families and destroy our country – our enemies.

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