Thursday, July 23, 2015

Glenn Clark Quote

       Glenn Clark, who died in 1956, was one of my mentors even though I never met him.  He was the Founder of Camps Farthest Out which our family participated in for many years.  I listened to many of his messages on tape and have read almost all of his books. (If you are interested in hearing some of his talks you can access them here.)  He was very much ahead of his time.  Many of the things he talked about are being discussed today as 'a new thing'. 

       Glenn says this about prayer in his book The Soul's Sincere Desire 

Think of God and Heaven, not of the bad thing you are tossing off into the air.

Pray if possible out of loyalty to God, for the joy of it, not for results.
Do not pray to bring things to pass; pray to see things that are already in the Kingdom.
Do not limit the avenues by which God will answer your prayers. Remember that God's ways of manifesting His love are as uncountable as the stars of the firmament.
Do not feel responsible for your prayers or the answer to them. God alone is the planner and knows best. Love, rejoice, and be thankful for the unfoldment of His plan as you see it.

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