Friday, May 6, 2011


       Country guy has lost several chickens this spring to a chicken hawk, and possibly, also to a fox, although we have not seen it happen--the only evidence are the feathers that have remained.  I guess that is the hazard of freedom.  The chickens roam wherever they choose during the day, but sometimes they get a little too far from the safety of the chicken coop.  
      It seemed to be time to replenish our supply, so last night we drove to Rural King and picked out 20 baby chicks from the various kinds they were selling.  (Country guy could tell you what kind they are, but I forget every time he tells me.)        
     I believe he also had another motive than just to replace some of the chickens we've lost.  I think he also wanted them in anticipation of grandchildren's visits.   We grandparents are always looking for ways to please our grandchildren with little surprises, aren't we?  I think that's the way God is, too.  He loves giving us gifts and surprises because He loves us so much.  He loves to see our delight in the things He plans for us!

        Here are a few of our other chickens, doing what chickens do--looking for bugs and worms.  Feeding them every day and shutting them up every night seems like a lot of bother to me, but I'm glad Country Guy is willing, because I do love the nice brown eggs he brings in every day.  Our Nebraska grandchildren, who will be coming for a visit soon are anticipating feeding the chickens and "picking" (their word for "gathering") eggs with Granddad.  I'm sure they will be surprised and excited to see the new additions.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, they will be THRILLED!