Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cruising in the Woods

     Our daughter and her boys are here for a few days.  We love it when they are able to come for a visit.  Not only do we enjoy spending time with them, but it seems we get to see our other kids and grandkids more often when they're here.  It's always great to have a reason to bring the whole family together!
     I have gotten lots of exercise following the boys as they cruise on the driveway, and in the yard, and through the woods, and over the bridge while riding the "over-the-road trike" and driving the "F150."  What a great excuse to get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature!

Fortunately, they each have a cruising mode preference, so there haven't been too many arguments about who rides what.

      Aren't grandchildren a blessing?  They help us slow down and see the world through children's eyes at an age when we can appreciate it!  I always seemed to be too busy to 'let things go' when I was younger, but I love having a reason to do that now!

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