Monday, May 9, 2011

It Is A Miracle!

       Fire trucks are what I saw as I drove into the grain elevator today.  Country Guy called me to say he was on the way there because one of our sons had just called him to say there had been an explosion in the elevator leg.
      The guys had been loading a train this morning.  My nephew and another employee were in the pit room (in above photo) when they both heard a noise, and turned just as the lid to the pit blew off and hit the ceiling.  Then fire came in the back doorway.  Nothing touched them.  The rest of the crew had been walking back and forth past this spot all morning as they were loading the train and all of them were safe, too!
Firemen poured water into the pit to extinguish any grain that was on fire.  
They determined the fire started with a spark probably from a motor at the top of the elevator leg, which then exploded through the leg to the basement.  Notice the right side of the leg in the above and below photos.  The one on the right used to look like the one on the left.  Can you imagine what power went through that--and the damage and injury that could have been done if it had exploded into pieces!!
            There are many at the elevator as I write this, trying to evaluate the damage.  They must determine how to replace the leg, and also to figure out how to finish loading the train.  It is quite a mess!  But what a miracle!!  No one was hurt!  Thank you, Jesus, for protecting them!

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