Sunday, May 22, 2011

God's War On Terror

    I am currently reading, God's War On Terror:  Islam, Prophecy and the Bible, by Walid Shoebat with Joel Richardson.  I have been surprised at how interesting and compelling I have found this book because Islam and prophecy are not topics to which I am usually attracted.  It is a book I believe everybody should read because it shines a bright light on the very evil Islamic religion.  Before you get upset with me and brand me a racist, Islamaphobe, or whatever other name is currently politically correct when someone points out the truth, I recommend you read this book.  It will open your eyes to a very great deception that is being perpetrated on the world and particularly on the West.  If you need more convincing, read these reviews of the book on Amazon.
    Walid Shoebat was born and raised in Bethlehem, Israel.  His mother, an American Christian, was held captive by his father, an Arab, who never allowed her to return home.  She spent 35 years in a Muslim society trying to escape to America.  Walid grew up a terrorist, but when he married a Christian he began to read the Bible and the Koran side by side in an attempt to convert his wife to Islam.  Instead, he was converted to Christianity.  He said he began to see that the Muslim's "good guys" were the Bible's "bad guys", and the Bible's "good guys" were Islam's "bad guys".
    The cover of the book says that Walid's "life mission and driving passion is to bring the truth about the Bible, and the persecution of Israel and Christianity by Islam."
     When I googled his name, as I expected, there were some negative things said about him.  With a book like this, I'm surprised he doesn't have a bounty on his life--maybe he does.  I recently saw an article on World Net Daily in support of him which refuted some of the rumors that have been circulated.  Here is the article if you want to read it.
       I must say this book is the most convincing expose of Islam I have seen, but what is even more interesting is that it has an entirely different perspective on Bible prophecy than I have ever heard.
      If you decide to read it--and I hope you will--let me know what you think.  I would love to discuss your thoughts and opinions.

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