Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Word from Chuck Pierce

This word seems to be speaking to me directly and is encouraging me much, so I thought I would post it because it might speak to some of you, too.

Dear Triumphing Saints:
Sunday's services were not "easy" services, but were filled with revelation. This seemed to be"the Day of the Plumbline!" Before we reach Pentecost, this is a key time to allow the Lord to cleanse us of anything that should not come into our next season. As I shared Sunday, I am giving each of us an assignment to: find a time of communion with the Lord each day this week. Make it a point to get quiet and listen to what He will reveal the "more" that is required of you. Choose to agree with His voice and submit to His plans. Also make a point to call or fellowship with someone else and encourage them to align with God's best.
Angels Are in Our Midst
Most likely, we would not think of "stillness" as one of the greatest warfare weapons available. Stillness occurs when we become one with the King who rules us. Father, Son, Holy Spirit, and you become perfectly aligned. At that point, no weapon formed against you can prosper!
Psalm 46:7-11 says, "Adonai-Tzva'ot is with us, our fortress, the God of Ya'akov. (Selah) Come and see the works of Adonai, the astounding deeds He has done on the earth. To the ends of the earth He makes wars cease - He breaks the bow, snaps the spear, burns the shields in the fire. 'Be still! Desist, and learn that I am God, supreme over the nations, supreme over the earth. Adonai-Tzva'ot is with us, our fortress, the God of Ya'akov. (Selah)'" (CJB)
In this season where the Angelic Highway is becoming so prevalent between Heaven and earth, the Lord is calling us to get still and know that angels are in our midst, working on our behalf! If we get our spirit still and in one with the Lord, we can recognize His help around us!
This is a time where the Jericho which stands in front of you and seems invincible must fall. Once you quiet your soul over the next seven days, you will move into the next level of strength to unlock the best that God has for you. The time is now for you to go into your next war but the enemy would love to hold you in the warfare that has created conflict in your soul in the last season.
Tell My People to Be Still
The Lord says, "Be still and watch Me seat you in a place to laugh at the enemies that have been in your path. I am preparing a release of joy for My people. They will laugh at their last failures and blockages. This release of joy from you becoming still in your spirit will get you across and to the other side of your storm. I will give you a strength to overtake the enemies that you have been battling.
"My people are filled with dangerous emotions. I want to settle their emotions so that their minds will think the same way that I think. Unless they allow Me to deal with their dangerous emotions, they will miss many blessings that I have for the future. Many will end up striking the rock as Moses did out of a dangerous emotion instead of speaking to the rock, causing them to miss their door of entry for this season.
"Tell My people to be still. I am calling for a Jericho stillness. This warfare call is important for the future of My people. If they will come before Me for seven straight days and allow Me to still their hearts and quiet their spirits, that which has been invincible in their past and has kept them from moving into their future will fall before them. Tell My people to still their hearts before Me."
I want to encourage you to find a daily place of communion over these next 7 days. We each must find a new personal communion with the Lord. Pulling aside to commune with the Lord over the next 7 days will be a sanctification process like was described in the service yesterday morning. This is very key for moving forward.
Chuck Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries

Email: chuckp@glory-of-zion.org

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