Thursday, March 3, 2011


      Have you ever checked out the website  I love this website!  It lists more than 100 million books from over 12,880 booksellers.  There are all kinds of books included in the listings, new, used, textbooks, rare books, and books that are out of print.   I have found many books here that I could not find other places.  So many of the used books, and even some of the out of print books, are very inexpensive; some are listed for as little as $.01 so even after adding the shipping costs they are less than $3.00.
    Next time you are looking for a book, you might want to take a look at abebooks to see if the book is listed there.  In doing so, you will probably save yourself some money.  When that happens, if you are like me, you may decide you can have 2 books--or even 3, for the same price as a new one and be delighted at that prospect!  What a wonderful thing!
     Can you tell that I love books?

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