Monday, March 7, 2011

Fiction Authors I Have Enjoyed

       There is nothing I would rather do than curl up with a good book.  What a great pleasure that is!  I'm afraid though, that I am no literary scholar.  All I want in a book is that I can lose myself in it, and when I'm finished feel inspired, and as if I have learned something new.  The problem is finding one that isn't a time-waster, which is the case with many novels.  I find myself gravitating to Christian authors because I am pretty sure the books won't descend into sex and immorality.  I want to be inspired when I'm through, not reminded of the sin and ugliness that we can get into.  The problem with many Christian novels is they are very superficial.  Here is a list of some of the best I have found (many of these I have purchased through  I also find many good used books at Goodwill Stores.  They are a fraction of their original cost, so I don't feel so bad if I don't like them).  

W. Dale Cramer:  Levi's Will;  Bad Ground;  Summer of Light;  Sutter's Cross   I loved all of these so I've been waiting for him to write another.  As I was looking up these titles, I see that he has:  Paradise Valley--The Daughters of Caleb Bender.

Bill Myers:  Eli;  The Presence;  The Face of God;  The Voice;  Fire of Heaven

Bill Bright and Ted Dekker:  Blessed Child;  A Man Called Blessed  I loved these!

Ted Dekker also has several thrillers he has authored by himself which I have enjoyed.

T. Davis Bunn:  The Maestro;  The Great Divide;  The Gift

Any of the books by George MacDonald are well-written and inspiring.  Most of his books have been re-released after being edited by Michael Philips, who also has written some good books on his own.  I especially liked Philips' book series, The Secret of the Rose.

Francine Rivers:  especially the Mark of the Lion series, but I liked all of her books

Eugenia Price has written several very good historical novels about the South.  Reading her book, Beloved Invader, created a desire in me to see St. Simons Island, Georgia, which led to a discovery of Jekkyl Island, where we have had some really fun family vacations.

If you need a good book to keep you entertained while traveling, I am currently enjoying Harlan Coben.  (He is not in the Christian category but most of his books are devoid of sex and bad language.)  He writes mystery thrillers that make plane trips go by in a hurry!

Dorothea Benton Frank (also not in the Christian category) Sullivan's Island.  I have read several of her books, but Sullivan's Island is by far my favorite.

Leif Enger:  Peace Like A River  I don't know what category this is in, but I loved this author's way with words!  While looking up the spelling of his name I discovered he has another book out, So Brave, Young and Handsome, which I ordered from abebooks.  I'll let you know how I like it.

      I can think of so many more authors I have enjoyed over the years but this is a start.  I would be grateful for any author and book suggestions you have.  Since I have read most of the books written by the authors mentioned and we have a week on the beach coming up in a few weeks,  I am needing new ones.   Would you share your favorites with me?  If you want to post them as comments I'm sure others would be glad to know about them, too.  If not, just send me an email.  I really would appreciate any recommendations!

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