Monday, March 28, 2011

What a day!

       What a day I've had!  The Dish Network guy came--I thought to put in the new antenna--but he said only to hook up our DVD player to the internet--that he would have to come back for the antenna.  I was resigned to that fact, but at least one job would be done.  No way!  He couldn't get the DVD player to work so he said he would have to come back some other time.
       I was a little irritated that I had waited on him all morning and still nothing was done, but decided that's just the way it is sometimes, and then I went to check my email.  I could not get online!  I tried all the things I knew to do, restart the computer, shut off the modem for 10 seconds, do them both together--you may already know the routine.  Nothing worked so I began a series of phone calls in which much of the time I was on hold or pressing "1" for this or that.  Then when I finally would get through to an actual person and explain my problem their response was, it was somebody else's department and they couldn't help me.
     I finally called a local technician who came out right away and was able to get me back online about 3:00, but could not for the life of him figure out how to get the "an application has changed your internet address" sign off my Systems Preferences.  Therefore, if I happen to open System Preferences--which I usually do only by instruction from technical support, so I'm not too worried about it--I have to Force Quit my computer.  Don't you just love electronics?????
     The Dish guy came at 9:00, so it only took 6 hours to get back to where I was before he came--checking my email and trying to decide what to post today on my blog.  I guess the only thing accomplished today was determining a blog topic!  :o)  I hope your day was more productive.


cindy said...

I hear ya! Sometimes I get online to do a "simple" task and unforseen things turn it into a chore(usually because I don't know enough about electronics). I pray today goes more smoothly.

cindy said...

PS... and I really don't like to have to depend on anyone else! Like Mama always said "If you want something done right, You have to do it yourself!"

Country Girl said...

Thanks for commenting, Cindy. I love to hear what others are thinking, too.

typtyp said...

We took an Amish masonry home last night, and I was explaining to the kids about their simpler life...thinking at the same time, oh, how nice it would be. Although I know I would miss several things, I sometimes wonder... I feel your pain;)

Country Girl said...

I, too, sometimes long for the simple life--actually I thought that was what I was doing when I moved to the country--but somehow I manage to complicate it! Thanks for the reminder that there are still some who can function perfectly well without technology.