Thursday, March 31, 2011

God is an ocean and so much more!

      Today I have been thinking how much God is like the ocean.  The ocean is beautiful, vast, unfathomable, nourishing, mysterious, powerful, unchanging, bringing forth treasures for us to find.  And so is God, only much, much more!
      I often say how much I love the ocean, but how little I really know it!  I walk along the shoreline, sometimes getting my feet wet, sometimes even getting in up to my knees.  A few times I have swam in the ocean and once in a while I take a sight-seeing boat trip farther from shore.   I have even gone on 3 or 4 ocean cruises--but how little of it I have really seen or experienced!
     My experience with God is that way, too.  I have seen Him from a distance, even getting my feet wet occasionally, but very seldom have I understood even a tiny bit of His vastness and power.  It’s my desire, though, to know God more, to experience His love and power as much as I possibly can!

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