Wednesday, March 30, 2011


       Last weekend we went to hear the Terre Haute Symphony.  We love going to the symphony because the musicians play beautiful, interesting, and unusual arrangements of the classics but also include popular music in diverse ways.  We especially appreciate the conductor, David Bowden.  He is passionate about music and tries very hard to impart some of that enthusiasm to all who attend.  Before each performance he oversees what he calls Concert Conversations.  At this time he brings out the guest artist for that evening's performance so the audience can get to know a little about his/her background in music and thereby begin to understand the musician's passion for the instrument he/she plays.  Mr. Bowden explains why he has chosen the specific music for the evening's performance.  He also tells something about the composer and points out things to be listening for in each piece.  Then during the performance he interjects additional background material that helps us better understand what the composer was trying to achieve through the music.  For those of us who are not very knowledgeable about classical music that is very helpful and adds so much to the pleasure of the evening.  It provides a wonderful, relaxing, educational experience.
     The evening begins with a cacophony of noise as the orchestra is tuning up before the conductor comes out.  And then when he raises the baton all is quiet and the most exquisite sounds begin to come forth from the instruments.  I often think how very much we are like that in life without God.  We are playing 'our own tune' making sure our instrument is finely tuned, often making a lot of noise, but then when we turn our attention to the Great Conductor He is able to use each to the maximum potential creating an experience of beauty and harmony.
      That's one reason I love the symphony.  There are so many lessons to be learned about life just watching the conductor and the musicians.

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