Thursday, March 10, 2011

More New Recipes

      In case you haven't checked lately, I have added more recipes on the "Recipes" page.  My goal is to add at least 3 or 4 per week.  The "Recipes" page seems to be very popular.  I guess you're all like me in that you love getting new suggestions of good recipes someone else has been making for years.
      I'm still hoping you all will share your favorites with me.   Some days I can hardly get myself to go to the kitchen.   On those days I can't seem to remember a thing I used to cook.  I guess that's one good reason to post my favorites here.  Eventually I will have an extensive list to which I can refer.  Think how much better it could be, though, if I had some of your favorite recipes for inspiration, too.
     Country Guy asked me the other day why I didn't post Beef and Noodles, or Chicken and Noodles, because those are his favorites.  I told him I was saving them for a later blog post, since they are sort of like making bread--you're either familiar with the process, or you don't have any idea where to begin.  So for those of you who have never made noodles, but would like to know how, check back later.
      I also plan to add posts to the other pages as time is available and inspiration hits.  In the future--hopefully the near future-- I am planning to add my favorite houseplants and also my favorite trees to the "Favorite Plants" page.  I would love to hear about your favorites, too.
     And of course, I have lots more books to add on the "Books" page.
    I have been thinking that soon I will be working in my gardens (I can hardly wait for spring) and may not have as much time to keep my blog updated.  I am hoping at that time you will find the information in the "Pages" section to be beneficial between posts.

   P.S.  I love it when you leave comments.  The feedback is so helpful.  I think it would be great to get discussion going on some of the topics, so any  comments, questions, corrections, inspiration, etc. are welcome and desired. 

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