Sunday, March 13, 2011

Indy Flower Show

    Country Guy and I visited the Indiana Flower Show with friends today.  We had a wonderful time, but I must say the gardens were a little disappointing this year.  The theme was "Neighborhoods."  There were not nearly so many flowering trees and plants as usual, but instead most of the gardens included brick walls and outdoor fireplaces and grilling areas and lots of huge rocks.   I guess these might be useful in city landscape designs, but they really aren't very applicable to my life in the woods.  Therefore,  I didn't get many new ideas.  The beautiful flowers seemed to contribute to my eagerness for spring to come though.  The pictures below are of what I considered the most beautiful gardens.
    Aren't the tulips and forsythia stunning?
    Can you see the reindeer and it's baby in the first picture?   Some people are extremely creative!  Who would have thought something so cute could be made from logs and sticks!  (Clicking on the picture will make the picture larger.)

     Oh, well--there's always next year!  A stroll through beautiful gardens is never a waste.  I was just hoping for some inspiration to get me started on spring clean-up.  It seems there's nothing that gets me going like the potential for a new garden space!  But then again, maybe I already have enough to take care of this year.  :o)

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