Friday, April 1, 2011

More on the ocean and God

           As I reflect on the ocean, I have been thinking of the recent tsunami in Japan.  What a display of the ocean’s power!  In a short span of time with one huge wave, it swept away cars and buildings, even trains, with no strain, no diminishing of it’s power.
     How much more powerful is God!  How easy it is for Him to sweep away our problems and concerns with one wave of His love!
     One of the differences in God and the ocean, though, is that He waits for us to ask Him to remove those things that are in the way.  He gives us a choice.  Shouldn’t we have much more confidence and awe in His power?  Shouldn’t we have no trouble believing that if we ask, He can and will, remove any obstacle in the way of His love when we see how easy it is for the ocean to remove anything in it’s path?  Why do we wait so long to ask?

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