Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New format for "Recipes" Page

      I have reposted the "Recipes" page in a new format.  It seemed to me it would be easier to find recipes if they were divided into categories, so I have moved them into sections labeled by the type of recipe.  The best divisions I could come up with are Appetizers, Breads, Desserts, Entres, Salads, Soups, Vegetables and/or Side Dishes.  So if you have tried one of the recipes previously, look for it now under one of these categories.  It is my plan to continue to post the newest recipes first, but they will be posted under the category that best describes them.  Therefore, you will need to scroll through each category to discover new ones that have been posted.  (I posted a few new ones today so you can practice.  :o)
     This may make it a little more difficult to discover new recipes until you get used to the new format, but I think it will make it easier to find older ones.  It is my plan to add the post date each time I post a new recipe (sorry I haven't always done that before) so if you don't check my blog daily, you will be able to easily discover which ones have been posted since you last checked.
    I would love hearing your comments, or questions, on any recipes you have tried, or on this new format.  Since none of the "pages" except "Home" allow posting directly to them (that's the only way the blog site allows you to set it up), feel free to add the comments you may have about the extra "pages" anytime to my most recent post on the "Home" page.  That way I will be sure to read it and respond if a response would be helpful.
    I hope you find this arrangement a little easier to navigate.

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cindy said...

The sweet potatoes are wonderful!