Friday, April 8, 2011

Dr. Art Mathias from Wellspring Ministries April Newsletter

           This was such an encouraging word and an attitude adjustment for me.  I can easily descend into the gloom and doom of the news today.  What a much better way to be thinking!  
      I believe this ministry has a very well balanced approach to health and healing.  I've especially found the "Health A to Z" on their website interesting and thought-provoking.
       Here is a link to Wellspring Ministries if you want to know more about them:

Today is the Best Day to be Alive and
Tomorrow Will Be Better! 
by Dr. Art Mathias

The doom and gloom from the “prophets” of today remind me of 1984, 1988 and 2000. They all have forgotten the promises of God.

First, He has promised that His Kingdom will grow as the mustard and leaven. The mustard plant grows anywhere and in any condition. Leaven takes over the entire loaf just as His Kingdom takes over the entire world. (Mat. 13:31-33, Mark 4:31, Luke 13:19-21)

Today there are more Christians than any other time in human history.  There are over 200,000 per day and over 200,000,000 per year accepting Jesus. Christianity is growing faster than any religion. Some even expect that the entire world will be Christian by 2032. (Mega Shift by James Rutz) God promises that He will bless those that follow Him. As more and more follow Him we should expect to see more and more of His blessings.

A study of human history reveals that today is the best day ever to be alive. While there have been ups and downs in the economy or living conditions, mankind is far better off today than ever before. 2000 years ago Rome held most people in captivity. There was no freedom of speech or press. The average life expectancy was 35-40. There were no central heating systems, electricity, airplanes, cars etc.

150 years ago in America abortion was legal and common. Life expectancy was 45-50 years. The age of sexual consent was 10-11 depending on which state you lived in. Contagious diseases were common, killing many. There was no electricity, cars, airplanes, highways etc. etc.

While today is not perfect and there is much work to do we are far better off. Our living conditions and freedoms are unparalleled in human history.

Second, in John 13:19, Jesus said, “Now I tell you before it comes, that, when it is come to pass, ye may believe that I am he.” If you read the King James Version, you will notice that the word “he” is italicized, meaning it was supplied by the King James translators and is not in the original. The Greek simply says, “…Ye may believe that I AM!” Jesus is strongly and boldly asserting that He is the Great “I AM” of the Old Testament. (Ex. 13:14)

The Jesus that we serve is powerful! There is not a force strong enough to resist His power. No sickness, financial turmoil, relational problems, political force—absolutely nothing has enough power to resist the supernatural power of Jesus Christ! When the Great “I AM” opens His mouth and speaks, every power that attempts to defy Him or His Word is defeated. This is not just a promise for the future it is also for today.

What is your need today? Why not choose to present them to Him and trust Him for an answer? Let Him speak to your heart and trust in His promises.  This is not the time to throw up our arms in anguish and proclaim the end. It is a time to review the promises of God and learn to stand on them. It is a time to be aggressive in building His Kingdom. While there are many reasons for concern about the future we are the ones that have answers—from the Great I AM. Let’s go to Him and find them and then proclaim His answers. We must remember that He loves us and only wants the best for each of us.

It is time to make a difference for His Kingdom and not go into despair and quit.

My prayer for today:
Lord, I am so glad that You are the Great “I AM” and that You have power over every force in the world. When You speak demons tremble, sickness flees, poverty is vanquished and Your Kingdom rules and reigns! Because You live inside me, Your power is resident in me and ready to set me free from any fear, worry or any other force that tries to come against me. I stand on Your Word. I speak it out loud by faith and expect mountains to move out of the way! I pray this is Jesus name.

My confession for today:
I declare that there is no force strong enough to resist God’s power in my life. No sickness, financial turmoil, relational problems, political force—absolutely NOTHING has enough power to resist the supernatural power of Jesus Christ that is resident in me! When I open my mouth and speak the Word of God, every power that attempts to defy His Word is defeated. When my mouth gets into agreement with God’s Word, I see His power unleashed against the forces that try to come against me.  I declare this by faith in Jesus’ name!

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