Friday, April 8, 2011

Prayer Requests

    One of the commenters on this blog suggested it might be good to have a place to leave prayer requests.   I said that was a great suggestion, but I would need to research the possibility.  So last night I looked to see if it was possible.  The only way I can see how to make it happen is for me to add another page to the blog entitled "Prayer Requests".  You could then email requests to me and I would post them on the page.  There doesn't seem to be any other way that others can post to my blog except in the "comments" at the end of each post.  I think the requests would get lost there, don't you?
     In order to see if there is enough interest for me to set up the page, I have added a poll to the right hand side of the blog.  Would you take a second and vote.  The results will let me know whether to proceed, or not.  Thanks.

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