Friday, April 22, 2011

Could this become one of my favorite plants?

     Yesterday I helped Mom with her gardens.
     The night before, Country Guy used the truck to pull out a big, old, mostly dead, lilac bush in the area in front of her house.  So before we got too dirty working outside, Mom & I checked with several nurseries to find a suitable replacement.  She wanted something already as large as possible, because the birds used the other bush as a perch when they were waiting their turn at her bird feeders.  We found a nice Persian lilac in full bloom and planted it where the other one had been.  Isn't it beautiful?
     While we were looking, I discovered "juddi" viburnum.  I had never seen this plant before, but the Apple House in Terre Haute had several in full bloom.  They have a beautiful round white bloom with a pinkish tint, that smells heavenly!  I couldn't seem to get enough of the smell.   We bought one for Mom and one for me and planted Mom's in the afternoon.  I haven't had time to plant mine yet, but hopefully, I'll get it done today before the rain begins.  This could be one of my new favorite plants.  The info says it is easy to grow and the flowers turn into red berries that ripen to black, so we will see how well it grows for me.  I'll let you know next year if it has become a favorite.
     When I got home, I looked up more information on "juddi viburnum" on the internet.  (I have posted a link on the "Plants" page if you're interested in knowing more about it.)  One of the articles I read  made it sound as if I need another one from the same family, but not the same species, in order to have abundant flowers.  The woes of gardening!  ;o)  It looks as if I may have to try a different viburnum along with this one.  Gardeners know this is not a burden!

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