Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Prayer Requests, cont.

   You may have noticed that I have added a "Prayer Requests" page to the blog.  Several people expressed interest but I needed a little time to think about how to create the page so that requests could be posted.  At first I didn't think it was possible, but I finally figured out how to enable comments on a Page.  You will now be able to add a request directly to the page through "comments".  If you have trouble doing this, please email the request to me and I will post it for you.
    FYI:  I have now enabled "comments" on all my Pages so you can leave comments on any of them.  A couple of you have mentioned you especially would like to leave comments on the Recipes page after trying some of the recipes.  Now it's possible, so I look forward to hearing from you.


Marcia said...

Hi Brenda-Finally able to get a comment to go.
Thanks for your interesting blog. We have tried so many of your tips, and they all have been useful. I love your
recipes and comments. Also the plant tips. You would
have been a great journalist. I should have realized that, knowing how knowledgable you are on so many
things. Anyway, I have finally been able to get into
sending a comment, after having our computer up-dated, and a new hard-drive.
(Sure enjoy Derek Prince's devotional) Marcia

Country Girl said...

Thanks, Marcia.
Happy birthday tomorrow. I will try to call you.