Thursday, April 28, 2011


     It rained another 1 1/2 inches last night on top of the 2 inches we got the night before and the 2 inches that came earlier in the week!  How wet it is!  I didn't remember to put our rain gauge out until last weekend so I haven't been keeping track of how much rain we have received until this week, but I would say we have had at least 10 inches in the past 2 or 3 weeks!
    I'm sure you can imagine how soggy everything is.  My gardens have standing water--as does the lawn.  Country Guy put out our garden a couple of weeks ago, but it looks as if most of seeds may rot in the wet soil.  The fields look as if they will never be dry again--water everywhere.  I know the farmers are getting anxious.  This is the third year in a row that we have had unrelenting rains in the springtime, coming every day or two so the ground never has a chance to dry out.  Farmers were surprised last year, I think, to find out they could plant a crop even into July and get a harvest (thanks to a late frost)!  It looks as if the same thing could happen again this year.
    I was noticing Tuesday, as I walked on the bridge to the pond which Country Guy made over our creek several years ago, that the creek is especially beautiful right now.  In the summer it is almost totally dry, but right now it looks like a mountain stream.  The trees and vegetation along it are bright green.  How could they not be?  It looks--and feels like a rain forest out here in the woods!
    It occurred to me that you might like to see the creek, so I stopped writing and walked out this morning to take a picture to add to the post.  It is a little muddy after the rain, but still very pretty, don't you think?  What a gloriously beautiful morning, the air is cool and the sun is coming up!  It is wonderful to see the sun--especially after a rain!

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