Monday, April 18, 2011

What an incredible weekend!!

     What an incredible weekend!  What an incredible man! And I am exhausted--but in a good way!  The meetings were wonderful!  After we got home from the meetings we snacked, and talked, and listened to stories of God's love and mercy and healing till at least midnight every night, and then I couldn't sleep.  Instead I would lie in bed marveling at the goodness of God in bringing such an amazing man to our house so that we could hear what is happening all over the world!  What a privilege!  I am so humbled and so grateful!
     Ian Andrews told so many inspiring, amazing stories of healing and God's intervention in lives that it makes my head spin.  It seems impossible to imagine that this man who has been in the healing ministry for 42 years, and has spoken to thousands in healing conferences all over the world, came to stay with us and to speak at our small church in Robinson.  As he related story after story of meeting people, teaching and healing people, traveling to 65 countries to pray and teach, it became apparent that God has blessed us beyond what we could think of imagine, in letting our lives touch.
    One astounding fact I learned is there is a church in Nigeria that is 1/2 mile long and has a million seats with a type of road up the middle for the pastor to drive his vehicle to the front of the church?  Ian said he has been invited to speak there, but because of unrest in the country the pastor has said it is not safe for him to come right now.  Can you imagine a church that large?
    We heard so many almost unbelievable stories of healing--of body parts being replaced, of Aids, Down's syndrome, blindness, deafness, brain injuries, autism, multiple sclerosis, cancer, heart disease, all healed and documented by doctors.  We heard stories of thousands coming to know the Lord Jesus.  Why do we not hear stories like this in the news?  This is truly good news!  Isn't that what the gospel means--good news!  This was one incredible weekend of one story after another of good news.  What a blessing!  I wish I had had a tape recorder!

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