Saturday, April 16, 2011

"Manna" in the "Wilderness"

     We had old friends, Lonnie & Debbie, and a new friend, Ian, staying with us last night and this weekend so I haven't had much time to devote to blogging.
     I knew you would want to see these pictures, though.   This morning we went out and gathered "manna" for breakfast.   We found about 50, which was at least a good taste for all of us.  It was Ian's first opportunity to experience the wonderful taste of morels and, of course, he loved them as much as we all do.

     We are so blessed to be getting acquainted with Ian Andrews.  The stories of his experiences are almost unbelievable, they are so wonderful!  He has traveled all over the world teaching others to pray for the sick, and now he is teaching us at Crawford County Christian Center in Robinson tonight at 7:00 and tomorrow morning at 9:30.  If you have never heard and seen wonderful testimonies of healing be sure to come!  
     Last night several were healed, many of knee injuries.  It was an amazing meeting, and tonight promises to be even more so.  This is an incredible opportunity for our area to have Ian speaking.  He has seen people healed of alzheimer's, autism, brain injuries, sight restored, cancer healed--almost every disease you can think of.   If you know anyone who needs healing you don't want them to miss this opportunity for prayer.

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