Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wish I had brought my camera!

   This morning I decided to check to see if the dove was sitting on her nest.  It seems as if she may have abandoned it, since she hasn't been there several times when I have looked.  We have been keeping the blinds closed on the bathroom window to try to keep from disturbing her, so it is difficult to see how often she is there.
    When I peeked through the corner of the blind I caught sight of something brown and at first thought the dove was there, but then I realized the brown was fur, not feathers.  I opened the blind and there sat a chipmunk on the window sill eating one of the dove's eggs!  I wish I had brought my camera.
    Those chipmunks are destructive little animals, but I didn't know they ate eggs, too.  There is one left in the nest, and the dove is no longer paying attention to it.  I wonder if the chipmunk will be back tomorrow for its' second meal?

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