Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Word Through Dr. Chrisian Harfouche

      There is a lot of gloom and doom and End Times talk in the world today so I thought I would post part of a prophetic word that Christian Harfouche gave on Dec. 31, in Pensacola, FL.  You can read the rest of it here on The Elijah List.

 . . . Do Not Waste This Year and the Next Three Years

The Lord just told me to say this: that there were certain things that the enemy was doing world-wide, globally (when I am talking about the enemy I am talking about the entire kingdom of darkness). The way the enemy was working was to accelerate certain things to happen, causing depravity. But what the Lord is releasing in the Earth right now, and what He is releasing through His Spirit right now, is going to take what seems to be eminent in the direction of the world and put it in best case scenario – on stagnate check!
So child of God, do not waste this year and the next two years or three years.Now we are in 2014. So do not waste the next three years for some "eminent", negative end-time thing to happen. You are going to find that God went ahead and put it in check, backing up His great faith that He poured into the Earth in order to release His anointing to 7 billion people and populate Heaven. Glory be to God! 

We are to declare the goodness of God in the land of the living. We are to declare that this is not the time for the enemy to manifest or to do his plans in the Earth! It is just like that!

Doctor Christian Harfouche
Christian Harfouche Ministries


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