Sunday, January 5, 2014

What a Glorious Snow!

    Country Guy & I walked over to the cattle farm this morning in an absolutely beautiful snow!  The trees were already coated with snow but then we had a virtual inundation of snowflakes as we walked so that we could hardly see the nearby farm houses.  There was no wind and the temp was 33 degrees.  Perfect!
      I, of course, tried to capture the beauty with my camera but the photos in no way do it justice.  The forecast is for the wind to pick up this afternoon (it is already beginning) with the temperature dropping to -13 degrees tonight.  The forecast says to expect the windchill to reach -30 to -40 degrees.  Some are already reporting power outages so this could be a very dangerous storm.  I'm glad I got to enjoy the beauty before the winds erase all of it.

The entrance to our lane.

Bud loves the snow!  He made dog angels every chance he had as we walked.

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