Monday, January 27, 2014

Wednesday - Robby Dawkins, Vineyard Aurora, USA

We were at a conference last week with Randy Clark and Robby Dawkins. They told some amazing, incredibly inspiring stories of things that have happened as they have stepped out to pray for healing so that people will know how much God loves them and wants to have a relationship with them.

Several years ago we went on a life-changing mission trip to Brazil with Randy Clark, so we were familiar with his ministry.  While on the mission trip we saw so many miraculous healings that ever since I have been longing to go again.  This conference stirred up the desire to see those things happen wherever we are--not just on foreign missions.

Robby's stories challenged me.  Do I believe what Jesus said--that we are to go and do likewise the things He did?  Am I willing to risk stepping out, or will I continue to allow fear of what people will think to control my actions? 

The video above is posted on YouTube. In it Robby Dawkins who was doing a conference in another country a few months ago tells a couple of incredible stories.  You can hear them immediately into the talk if you're interested but don't think you have time right now to watch the whole thing.

Below is a link to an article he wrote for Charisma Magazine explaining his lifestyle and belief.

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