Wednesday, January 15, 2014

So Vitamins Don't Work, Eh? by Dr. Lee Hieb

Are you interested in healthy living?  Have you, or do you now, take vitamin & mineral supplements?  Have you been confused about the news reported recently that vitamin supplements don't work?  If so,  you might find the common sense article linked below which was written by Dr. Lee Hieb, a physician, helpful.

Of course, vitamin & mineral supplements are helpful!  Why is iron prescribed for those with anemia, or B vitamin shots for those whose immune systems are failing, or prenatal vitamins for pregnant women, or vitamin A & calcium added to pasteurized milk?  Or how about all those vitamin fortified cereals?  How about folate (folic acid) which is now added to white flour because of the deficiencies detected in our diets from eating processed food?  The news report obviously is biased, or not conducted with good quality supplements, because common sense tells us that supplements not only work, but are necessary when there is a deficiency!  Dr. Lee expounds on this idea in the link below.  

I've also added a link to a column by Dr. Mercola about the differences in real & synthetic vitamins.  It is important to not waste money on synthetic vitamins which are not readily absorbed or broken down by our bodies and which can actually do harm, but instead to intake natural vitamins and minerals from whole foods.



Exclusive: Dr. Lee Hieb says to beware studies that deny the obvious

In this article Dr. Mercola explains that there is a big difference in the effectiveness between real and synthetic vitamins.  This could be one of the reasons the research reported on above concluded that supplements were not effective. You might want to read it before investing in supplements. 

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